Scribner’s Mill to be open for the last tour of the season of the mill and homestead on Labor Day week-end Saturday September 3 from 1 – 4

Highlighted this day will be hand hewing, two man use of the buck saw, and timber framing. On display will be the newly restored Civil War Caisson that was adapted by the Scribner Brothers as a wagon to haul lumber and the big wheel log hauler. Tours of the mill includes a demonstration of the 19 th century machinery to manufacture parts for dry (slack) barrels around 2:30. In the long shed demonstrations of the shingle mill will take place around 3:00. Across the street, the 1849 Scribner Homestead will be open for guided tours.

The mill site, which includes the barn, ice house, & blacksmith shop, holds a large collection of antique mill, household, and ice harvesting equipment. 

Adult admission is $5.