Our organization is totally run by volunteers.

The board of directors try to meet every month or so, depending upon the need. We do our best to work around everyone's schedule with meetings generally scheduled on a weekday evening starting at 6:30 pm.

We are always looking for interested individuals to join our board. If you enjoy local history and want to participate in any way - even on a very occasional basis, we are looking for you!

There are a variety of activities and areas of service, such as mill restoration, tool repair, photography, website editing, event coordination, advertising sales (we pay commissions!), executive board and more. Even if you can only donate a small amount of time each year, we welcome your involvement.

Please contact our President, Rick Jackson, or Marilyn Hatch - here.     207-583-6455

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Scribner’s Mill Preservation has engaged a mechanical engineer to design and install idlers for the barrel making equipment in the ell of the mill. Idlers will allow the operator of the equipment to stop the operation of one or more machines without interrupting power to the other machine(s) on the line shaft. Mechanical Engineer, Dave Rhoades, has agreed to design and install this system for Scribner’s Mill. Having idlers for this equipment has been a long time need created by our present all or nothing operation. Besides making the power source more efficient, more importantly it will hopefully reduce the vibration of the building when the machinery is running.
Scribner’s Mill has decided to purchase an engine to power the equipment in the ell. We have been so fortunate to have the use of Brian Winslow’s John Deere Tractor for Back to the Past and for those special occasions when we needed to run the barrel making equipment. Brian has always been willing to load his tractor up to transport it to the Mill, set it up for us to use, then pick it up to transport it back home whenever we have asked. However, it is time for us to have our own source of power on site. This way we can run the machinery to demonstrate when we have an open house or when we need to make barrel stave stock. Board member Tacy Hartley’s son Bill of Diesel Systems has volunteered to search for an engine that would be appropriate to operate our old equipment. It needs to be in good running condition with just the right amount of horse power to do the job. By having idlers on the machinery the hp requirement could be less. MAPA friends, if you know of an engine that would do the job, give Bill Hartley a call at 207­-310­-8341.
These are the plans that we'll be using to build the sash-saw works (up-and-down saw). We'll be using this 1836 guide book as our source.