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Barrels Sold in 1896 at Scribner’s Mill
In an 1896 ledger, Jesse Scribner kept an account of barrels sold to local farmers who packed their apples into the barrels for shipment to customers in England.  The apple variety was Baldwins, we have been told that by the time this tart apple reached England they would be just right for eating.

In 1896, 170 orders were filled which equaled 10,124 barrels sold at .35 each. A deep freeze in 1938 of 50 degrees below zero froze the apple trees and ended the barrel making business at Scribner’s Mill.  The equipment was discarded or sold, and the manufacture of shook (box parts) replaced that of barrels.  As a part of the War effort, shook was sent to factories that manufactured  ammunition  during  World  War  II.    The  box  parts  were  also sold  for  use  in  the canning industry.

Jumping forward to 2013, surprisingly it has been difficult to keep up with the demand for the dry barrels made at Scribner’s Mill at the price of $40 a barrel. 

This past fall we were invited to bring our barrel making equipment to Portland to participate in Victorian Days and to Freeport’s Old Farm Days.
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